About Me

I am a conservation biologist and behavioural ecologist interested in animals and the environments in which they live. My research uses quantitative approaches to understand the effect of changing environments on animal behaviour and population dynamics. I also conduct ecological field studies, and have worked in New Zealand, Ontario, British Columbia and the Canadian Arctic. My research on climate change, predator-prey interactions, reproductive endocrinology, the evolution of ornamentation, and social behaviour, has been published in leading journals such as Nature, Proceedings of the Royal Society, Global Change Biology and Nature Ecology & Evolution. I am the editor for the angling science blog The Lab and Stream and I also share my own scientific results through videography.

Currently, I am a Liber Ero Postdoctoral Fellow at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research at the University of Windsor. Previously, I completed a PhD at McMaster University and a BSc at the University of Ottawa. When Iā€™m not working you can find me fishing in a local river or canoeing with my daughter.

Selected Awards

Liber Ero Postdoctoral Fellowship 2017-2018

NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (declined)

NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship 2012-2015

Best Non-Commercial Film - Animal Behaviour Film Festival 2014